AGENTBOT | Conversational AI-powered Chatbot

Automate, Chat and Solve with Artificial Intelligence through Chatbots

Talk to your customers naturally and on any digital channel with AgentBot. Manage knowledge without technical expertise, learn from every interaction and solve inquiries instantly.

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of conversations resolved without transferring to a human agent

72 hours

Quick Onboarding


Put a spin on conversations

AgentBot talks with customers as a person would. Aivo’s conversational engine provides customer service in multiple languages. Its multiple AI technologies can interpret informal language, errors, regionalisms, emojis and voice messages for an unstructured communication.

Conversation between a person and a chatbot. Thanks to its conversational AI, the bot understands natural language, mistakes and emojis.
An omnichannel chatbot offers the same quality of attention when solving a query on the web, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.


Available 24/7 across all channels

Start or continue a conversation on any channel with a unified experience. Aivo's AI bot adapts answers automatically across all messaging channels for instantaneous and seamless service.


Design the experience of your chatbot
without IT

Aivo’s Knowledge Manager is designed so that anyone can load and publish content across all channels without a single line of code. Add flows, videos, forms, carousels, support tickets and buttons easily. Use conditions to create different experiences depending on the customer type or channel.

“The experience was excellent, and the implementation and the way we learned to use the tool was quick and simple.”

Gustavo Volonterio  -  Contact Center Manager - ADT

“The virtual assistant was an initiative to comprehensively improve the customer experience, facilitating access to information 24/7.”

Christian Petruzzi  -  Responsable del área de Atención al Cliente

A person chats with a bot but since the question requires human attention, it is transferred to an agent in a live chat.


The Agent, more important than ever

Make your agents’ time count. AgentBot transfers the session to a live chat only when necessary. The agent gets the chat history and the customer’s profile in order to personalize the service. When the agent is done, the session goes back to the bot in a seamless Bot-Human-Bot experience.


An integrated environment

Aivo's platform creates the ideal ecosystem to connect the chatbot to the tools you already use. Integrate it easily with your web services or APIs to automate lead qualification and segmentation, generate support tickets, and more.


Start the conversation at the right time

Break the ice with AgentBot's ads tool. Create triggers for your website inviting your visitors to chat with the bot. Send proactive notifications and alerts to your customers through WhatsApp or SMS.


Get better with every unresolved interaction

Simplify your chatbots evolution. Aivo’s Learning tool gathers unanswered questions and sorts them by date and frequency. Discover new content and ways to ask for your chatbot and evolve based on what your customers need.


CX-ray vision

Having a deep understanding of the bot’s performance is key to improving service. Use Aivo’s Business Intelligence tool to assess the main metrics and learn from your client's experiences.

  • Operations dashboard
  • Transferred sessions
  • Conversations and interactions
  • Satisfaction and feedback
  • Main topics


Security and privacy above all

The needs of today’s world and and the ones of our customers fall in line with Aivo's commitment to availability, security and privacy.

High Availability

  • SLA > 99,9%
  • Auto Scaling Solution
  • Global Infrastructure Provider
  • Different Geographic Zones


  • Data Isolation
  • GDPR Compliance


  • ISO 27001:2013 Compliance
  • Data Transport Encryption TLSv1.2 and AES 256
  • Database Encrypted
  • SSO / SAML

Crea contenido valioso

Un gran bot conversacional requiere una gran estrategia de contenidos. Agrega preguntas y respuestas, impórtalas o descarga paquetes pre-armados. Suma complementos, edita fácilmente y crea contenido de valor para tus clientes.

Crea contenido valioso

Un gran bot conversacional requiere una gran estrategia de contenidos. Agrega preguntas y respuestas, impórtalas o descarga paquetes pre-armados. Suma complementos, edita fácilmente y crea contenido de valor para tus clientes.

Exprime al máximo tus reportes

Una buena decisión estratégica está respaldada con datos. Analiza las métricas del bot, el feedback de tus clientes o el reporte de chats y descubre insights para potenciar tu servicio al cliente.

Entrena y gana

Aprende de las consultas de tus clientes y mejora su experiencia. La herramienta de entrenamiento reúne las preguntas no resueltas para que mantener actualizado el contenido de tu bot sea más sencillo.

One platform, so many possibilities

Estrategias conversacionales para prepararse a la sobredemanda

Cómo disparar tus ventas online e impulsar el servicio al cliente con IA conversacional


Fabián Mealla | Digital Banking Manager at Banco Comafi

"The bot lets us answer immediately 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It lowered the amount of questions that reaches traditional channels."