Automate scheduling medical appointments with AI

Conversational AI for health organizations

Efficient and personalized customer service

When it comes to health, providing thorough, personalized and timely care is important. Aivo’s conversational bot resolves queries about prepaid coverage, medical specialties or preparation for medical exams naturally and empathetically.

A person makes a query and the bot sends an iframe with the medical card

“Answering queries cost us a lot of work. Aivo helped us to channel all that dispersion it created. In addition to our customers receiving answers quickly, I also have more time to be more strategic with my actions and activities.”

Maria Martin

Argentine Red Cross Communications Director

A patient forgets their turn and the bot reminds them

Streamline appointment scheduling with a conversational bot

Integrate our solution with your information systems and applications through web services and APIs and improve transactional query resolution. People will be able to schedule an appointment or medical exams, confirm already scheduled appointments and request lab results.

WhatsApp: your greatest ally for a comprehensive experience

Optimize your support model with the app preferred by millions of people. Automate the resolution of regular questions or send appointment reminders, keeping conversations natural and fluid through text or voice messages.

Do it with WhatsApp

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The bot sends an alert to the patient to remind them of their medical appointment
The Aivo bot responds to a query from a user on WhatsApp or on the website.

Support more specific queries with Live

Some topics are more sensitive and need in-the-moment support from a person. The conversational bot detects those cases and transfers the conversation to a live chat without leaving the chat window.

Personal data security and privacy

The customer’s experience is much more than instant support and efficient automations. Aivo provides optimized customer service guaranteeing the security and protection of sensitive data.

  • Compliance with international privacy regulations (GDPR and LGPD)
  • Encrypted movement of information
  • Data is never stored at any time

Read about Security

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Aivo guarantees the security and protection of sensitive data
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Too many phone calls?

The number of phone calls often exceeds human operators, and it’s difficult to handle them correctly and timely. Voice adapts to outgoing as well as incoming calls, streamlining the resolution of frequently asked questions or automating routine calls.
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Offer 24/7 self-managed support                                                    

Make it easier to access information about medical exams, specialties, procedures and more. With Help, you’ll be able to build and edit knowledge microsites easily, without a single line of code.

Implement, evaluate, measure and optimize

Optimize your day-to-day strategy with Aivo’s reports, learning and training tools. The platform feeds off of interactions with customers, patients or members and helps you evaluate satisfaction and detect key improvements for evolving support.  

  • General operations dashboard
  • Transferred sessions
  • Conversations and interactions
  • Satisfaction and feedback
  • Tags
  • Chat reports
  • Training
Aivo platform allows you to measure, analyze and obtain reports

Your success is our success

You can count on our specialized support team not only for your company’s needs, but for your customers’ needs, too.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way: for the onboarding process, during implementation and in the growth stage, always ready to help with your customer service strategies.